Regardless of the challenges or opportunity space for your business, Worthmore services will identify and embed the critical behaviours and actions that will make a tangible difference to how you lead, work and derive value.

Our leadership and experience in Accounting & Financial Services, and in significant senior corporate roles, provides a breadth of knowledge that can be applied to a multitude of business environments and situations. We add value by asking the questions that need to be asked, and providing insights and input into the decision-making process.

Advisory Board

Bring a valuable and clear perspective to your business by having an experienced, independent Worthmore Principal join your firm board of management. with relevant experience in owning, growing and running businesses, as well as understanding the pressures of clients and staff management, this approach:

  • Provides an Advisory Board Chairman role, to facilitate structure and allow business owners & leaders to engage and participate in the meeting
  • Supports the MD/CEO in building board agendas
  • Delivers input and insights into current business issues and activities

Vision and Strategy

We facilitate the definition and development of a "shared & owned" vision & strategy for businesses.

Our Process:

  • Provides substantial input from key business stockholders to create ownership of the outcome.
  • Works through the key business drivers, challenging current reality and testing what is possible.
  • Breaks down the strategy into actionable targets, with structure and accountability.

Change Management Journey

Building and implementing an operating rhythm for business and providing the road map for organisations to embrace a change journey.

  • Establishing the Change Management team and the capability to drive this internally
  • Creating the structure that breaks down tasks into actionable items
  • Facilitating the check in's and tracking, to maintain progress and accountability

Business Health Check

With extensive Accounting & Financial Services firm leadership experience, we have extensive insights into the key business drivers and indicators of top quartile performance levels, and where to devote energy and resources to.

Our Business Health Check includes:

  • Conducting a snapshot of your firm's financial and non-financial key attributes
  • Identifying areas of improvement and root cause of under-performance
  • Facilitating a focus the changes business can implement to directly impact key business drivers

Leading Change

Firm leaders that embrace a change-ready culture get in the game faster, empower their people to effectively design and implement key business changes, while maintaining visibility and involvement, without having to do and direct.

We support businesses by:

  • Building Focus
  • Assessing & Prioritising
  • Focusing on Outcomes
  • Checking in, Tracking & Traffic lights
  • Recognise, Reward & Celebrate
  • Review, Reflect & Reset