Paul Cornall Managing Principal

“Barry first worked with our firm as a guest speaker at our Principal's Retreat in 2016. He provided meaningful insight into accounting industry strategic directions. As a leadership group we agreed we found the need to have an external resource to meet with us regularly and hold us accountable was important. To that end Barry has fitted the bill for the past year.

Having someone external to our group meet with us ensures we stay focused, connected and everyone has their say. Having "been there and done that", Barry adds weight to suggestions and comment he makes. He is not afraid to call us out when we stray from our strategy and meeting plans.

As Managing Principal I have found it of significant value to have someone I can discuss things in confidence outside of the group. This ensures I can stay on track meeting the firms goals and ensures I can maintain trust with my peers.”


Craig Waldon CEO

“I first met Barry in early 2016 having been referred to him by a trusted source. It was an engaging conversation I enjoyed and valued.

I was keen to see how we could use Worthmore's experience and current knowledge of the accounting industry and in growing different sizes of firms, to help us grow our business.

Barry has since facilitated a very important strategy meeting with myself and my fellow Directors and with Barry's guidance, clear thinking and practical input we have been able to formulate viable action plans. Importantly, Barry holds us accountable. We look at strategies, develop action plans and then expect to be asked, "How are you progressing?" This is quickly followed by "What next?" It keeps us focused and motivated to grow our business.

I have recommended Worthmore to others and I look forward to continuing to work with him in 2017.”

Securinvest Financial Planners Pty Ltd

Craig Thwaites Director

“After years of talking about change, we have engaged Worthmore to help us enact change and provide guidance and strategies to help us achieve our vision. Not only is Barry's knowledge and ability to keep us on track extremely valuable, he also rolls up the sleeves and gets involved which we really appreciate.”

Quill Group

Kevin Nicol CEO

“Barry McGee has been consulting to Quill Group for over 12 months as our external Chairman. Barry has proved to be an excellent person to seek strategic advice and obtain a different perspective and approach, drawing on his many years of experience in the profession.

Financial services is experiencing huge structural changes through digital disruption. Quill is always an early adopter of technology, so there is continual change and a focus on automation and process improvement. Worthmore's insight on 'Change Management' provides further value by ensuring we follow 'Best Practice' processes, which has delivered great outcomes.”

DB AG Group

Richard West Director

“DB Ag engaged Barry to the role of Chairman in January 2017. We did this as all the existing directors were working "in" the business, which was negatively impacting on our strategic decision-making process. Barry has had an immediate impact with the board, increasing its effectiveness and level of professionalism. Barry achieved this with his laid back approach that immediately puts people at ease. He is also a stickler for process and will doggedly pursue issues until he feels they have been worked through. His background in servicing agriculture gives Barry a good understanding of the industry and is a major benefit to our business.”